Tech Stock Updates: LinkedIn Shares Fall, Skype Sacks Execs, Google Library and Patent Wars

It seems that tech stocks are always in news these days and today has seen 3 big tech stocks in the news.

LinkedIn Share Price Drops

First up is the update on the LinkedIn flotation – LinkedIn shares have fallen today. When LinkedIn floted on the stock market their share price doubled on the first day of trading as investers scrambled to purchase the latest tech stock to hit the markets. However, already shareholders are showing signs of doubt over the futuer of the stock and some are selling out already. LinkedIn is down 4.39% already today, dropping to $62.70.

Skype Sacks Executives

Skype has been making some big changes prior to the Microsoft takeover being finalised. Skype has sacked many of its executives which were expected to be made redundant after the Microsoft takeover. It is expected that this is a simple cost cutting measure as once Microsoft have taken over it will cost a lot more to let these executives go.

Google Partners With British Library

The British Library and Google have announced a partnership to make 250,000 texts available online. These texts all date from the 18th and 19th centuries and are now out of copyright but sitting in the vaults of the British library largely ignored. By digitising these books Google will make them available to anyone in the world and take one step closer to achieving its mission to organize the world‘s information.

Apple and Google Fighting Over Mobile Patent

Nortel Networks has many patents up for sale and Google, Apple and Intel are fighting over control of these patents. Google wishes to buy the patents to incorporate the ideas into its Android operating system.

Google does not currently have many patents which means that it needs to invest in patents to provide it with more options for future developments.

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