Orange And Barclaycard Start Quick Tap Payments Today

Orange and Barclaycard are due to roll out their mobile payment system today. To start with Orange customers will be able to make a maximum payment of £15 by tapping their mobile phone against a payment sensor. The new payment system is called Quick Tap.

Currently 50,000 retail outlets have signed up for this service, including the fast food chain McDonalds.

This is not actually cutting edge technology. Some developing nations have been using mobiles for payment for a few years as for many people it is the only way to electronically “store” their money – they have no bank account.

ShareholdersPortal Tip: Barclaycard is providing Orange customers with £10 cash added to their account upon activation, and 10% cash back on all Quick Tap purchases made in the first three months. So get in quick to save some money!

Barclaycard, Barclays debit card or Orange credit card

As the partnership is between Orange and Barclaycard only Orange mobile customers and Barclays bank / credit card customers will be able to make use of this system. I am as it happens both an Orange and Barclays customer and can report that neither company has actually told me anything about this at the moment!

The technology behind this is called Near Field Communication (NFC). Google have grasped the importance of this new service by installing NFC technology onto their latest range of Nexus Android smartphones. A full list of smartphones with NFC installed can be found on Wikipedia.

According to the BBC website “Quick Tap is a collaboration between Orange and Barclaycard. It will require a NFC-enabled Samsung Tocco Lite handset, which also goes on sale on Friday”. I am still trying to verify this as the Tocco is not an Android phone which seems to contradict the information that Google are in on the deal. Also, says that the NFC enabled Nexus-S will not work with Quick Tap. The Samsung Tocco Quick Tap goes on sale today too and is a Pay As You Go phone.

The payments are secured with passwords and controlled by the Android operating system which sends the communication via the Orange SIM to the Barclay payment sensors. In a way it is like the London Underground Oyster payment system, but with phones and linked direct to your bank so you can do your own “top ups”. As you can only “carry” £100 at a time with a maximum transaction of £15 – this makes your £300 smartphone slightly less likely to be targeted by thieves.

The most successful tech businesses are those which make the strongest partnerships. MasterCard are also involved as they provide the payment capability for the contactless mobile transactions. Orange have secured the early adoption of this technology by working with Samsung, Google Android and Barclays. This places all in a very strong position if the Quick Tap payment system turns out to be a commercial success.

Learn More about Quick Tap from Orange and Barclaycard

Visit to learn more about the service.

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