UK Retail Market Slows In September

The UK retail market had a poor month in September and to make matters worse online trading has slowed for the first time since the eCommerce revolution.

Year on year retail sales are still up by 2.4% due to a busy August, but once again sales are flat. As shops start to prepare for the mayhem that is the Christmas rush some are starting to wonder if Christmas 2009 will provide enough revenue to pull them out of trouble. The retail market sees  a big leap in sales during the Christmas period, and for many companies performance over Christmas will either make or break them.

High streets across the UK are still hosting many empty shops with more businesses likely to fail before the economic crisis is really over. With so many households tightening their belts to pay for essentials, it could be a damp Christmas for the retail sector, and a terrible 2010 for retail shareholders.

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