Royal Dutch Shell Set To Build FLNG In Australian Waters

Royal Dutch Shell is behind the first floating LNG platform in the world. It will be build by Shell’s Prelude company which is running the LNG project (liquefied natural gas). Today (20th May, 2011) Shell announced the final investment decisions and the project is now going ahead.

“Our decision to go ahead with this project is a true breakthrough for the LNG industry, giving it a significant boost to help meet the world’s growing demand for the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.” – Malcolm Brinded, Shell’s Executive Director, Upstream International

What Is Prelude?

Prelude is a new floating facility, its full name is the Prelude FLNG Project, It obtained environmental approval in 2010.

The floating structure will be approximately 488 by 75 metres and will weigh 600,000 tonnes. This will be the largest floating structure in the world and when fully equipped will be around 6 times larger than the worlds largest aircraft carrier. The technology for the Prelude project has been developed by Shell, Technip and Samsung.

The Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas platform will be moored at around 200 km from the Australian coast and will produce gas from offshore fields and liquefy it on site through a cooling process so that it can be transported by tanker. Currently the only way to transport gas from offshore is by piping it. Shell will be able to transport direct to their clients all over the world.

This project could start the development of many new offshore FLNG platforms which will may rapidly increase Shell’s dominance in the LNG market. This new facility is expected to tap around 3 trillian cubic feet of gas. The field was discovered in 2007 and Shell has spent 4 years developing the technology to extract the resources.

Shell have issued a press release with full details of the Prelude Project:…prelude

See also Technip’s March 2010 press release:

The players in the Prelude project:



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  1. CityAnalyst
    May 22, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    According to (Sunday, May 22nd, 2011) Royal Dutch Shell Plc is also looking to increase its investment in the Philippines. The Philippines government is running a LNP project and RDS is working to become a LNG supplier and also to provide infrastructure for their new projects.

    “Chua only said that Shell would likely look for potential partners for its planned foray into the Philippine LNG industry.”

    Update – Shell is pumping $1.1 billion into this project.

    Read more:

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