Premier Foods Sell Branston Pickle to Japan

Branston Original

Branston Original, now owned by Mizkan

Premier Foods as sold Branston Pickle to a Japanese company to help pay off its debts. Mizhan is paying £92.5 million for the brand. Mizkan UK Ltd is currently one of the biggest makers and suppliers of vinegars in the UK, so a move into the pickle market is not too surprising. This is not the first sale to Mizkan.

“Branston Sweet Pickle is an iconic brand that has established a market leading position. The Branston brand is also an excellent strategic fit with our global portfolio and adds to our solid foundation for growth in the UK.” – Kazuhide Matazaemon Nakano VIII, Chief Executive Officer, Mizkan.

Premier Foods sold Sarson’s, Haywards pickled onion and Dufrais vinegar brands to Mizkan in June 2012 for around  £41 million.

Other “power brands” owned by Premier Foods include Hovis, Oxo and Mr Kipling.

Mizkan Group

So, who now owns Branston Pickle and Sarson’s Vinegar? The Mizkan Group dates back over 200 years. It started out making vinegar from sake lees, the by-product of sake production. As well as vinegars Mizkan now produces a range of popular food compliments in Japan, such as Ajipon (citrus seasoned soy sauce), Honteri (sweet cooking rice wine) and Omusubiyama (rice ball mix).

Mizkan are not planning to take the brands off British soil. On the website they made the following statement following the purchase of Sarsons:

“In 2012, Mizkan Europe acquired the strong and iconic vinegar brands Sarson’s and Dufrais as well as the beloved pickles brand Haywards and its production facilities from Premier Foods PLC and continues to develop its business foundation for further growth in the UK.”

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