Focus DIY Stores Cannot Be Saved

News just in that Focus DIY will not be saved by another DIY chain. We reported on the 5th May that Focus DIY went into administration. At the time it was hoped that the administrators would manage to agree a deal to save the stores from closure.

Today the administrators of Focus have advised that it expects 120 Focus FIY stores to close with the loss of 3000 jobs.

The administrators have managed to sell off 50 Focus stores which has saved around 900 jobs. B&Q and Wickes have both purchased some of the stores to strengthen their position in the DIY market.

The collapse of focus has been partly blamed on the slower property market.

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  1. SHP
    May 25, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Focus is started discount sales in all stores to sell off as much stock as possible before closing down.

    Many bargains could be on offer.

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