Apple Become’s The USA’s Second Most Valuable Share

Apple’s iPad has received a lot of criticism in the tech world with suggestions that it is simple an oversized touch screen mobile phone that cannot make calls. However, its share price has risen and the iPad is being launched across Europe today. The company is continuing to perform strongly and is now only behind the US oil giant Exxon in terms of share value.

Apple is in a strong position. Whereas Microsoft’s main product, its Windows operating system, is becoming slightly less popular, Apple’s products are slowly becoming more mainstream. Apple used to be the brand for the tecno-snobs, but the iPhone and now iPad is bringing the Apple product range to a wider consumer audience.

Microsft on the other hand is starting to suffer at the hands of the ever growing Open Source community which provides the Linux based operating systems for free to all computer owners, plus the increasingly advanced products offered by Open Office and Google Docs which are making the hefty fees for Microsoft Office look like a joke to most users. Although for more advanced processing Excel is still the winner, a vast majority of people can accomplish their spreadsheet and word processing needs using open source software that is free to download.

Google Doc’s is becoming more powerful, and is an excellent way to share spreadsheets and documents with total ease, something that Microsoft still have not been able to implement. As far as tech stocks are concerned, Apple and Google seem to be the future now. But all this can change in the blink of a technological revolution.

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  1. SHP
    August 25, 2011 at 1:16 am

    News just in, Steve Jobs steps down as CEO and is replaced by Tim Cook

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