Another Tough Day In The Commodity Markets

The UK Commodity markets are suffering at the moment with price graphs fluctuating wildly. Yesterday saw one of the largest sell-offs in 2 years which saw Brent Crude fall by almost 6% to $105.15 a barrel.

Metals and cotton also saw big changes. Copper futures have fallen by almost 8% in the last few days.

US light crude oil is also down to around $98 a barrel.

Gold and Silver Solid

Shares in gold and silver have remained strong, showing far more staying power than the resource markets.

However, generally markets remain volatile. Not a good time to invest, and not a good time to sell either. Hard to know what will happen next. Although some economists are predicting bigger and sustained declines in prices across the commodity markets.

Various global distastes and military action are also taking their toll on the markets.


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