Barclays Plc.

Barclays Plc. was founded in 1690 and is the 4th largest UK bank and the 10th largest bank in the world and trades on both the London and New York stock exchanges.

Barclays is structured into several clusters, the High Street bank which most people are familiar with is just one part of the organisation (UK Retail Banking).

  • Corporate & Investment Banking and Wealth Management
    • Barclays Capital (investment banking)
    • Barclays Corporate (commercial banking)
    • Barclays Wealth (wealth management)
  • Global Retail Banking
    • Barclaycard (credit card and loan provision)
    • Barclays Africa
    • UK Retail Banking
    • Western Europe Retail Banking

Mergers and Takeovers

Barclays was in talks and planning a takeover of ABN Amro in 2007 but shareholders did not approve the movement, Barclays could not purchase enough shares through a tender offer to make the takeover wholly unconditional.

In 2008 Barclays took over credit card company Goldfish for a sum of £36 million. This acquisition immediately gave Barclays an additional 1.7 million customers.

In 2008 Barclays also took control of Expobank, a Russian bank, for £373 million.

Bad Debts Crisis of 2007

In 2007 Barclays was rumoured to be at great risk from bad debts in the USA to the value of £4.8 billion, which resulted in its share price falling by 9% before trading was suspended. Due to the sub-prime crisis Barclays did have to write-down £1 billion, a large amount but much smaller than analysts had predicted.

Company Information

Barclays Company Registrar

  • Equiniti
  • AspectHouse
  • Spencer Road
  • Lancing
  • West Sussex BN99 6DA

You can purchase Barclays shares using the Equiniti Shareview trading system:

Barclays Dividend Payments

Barclays pays a dividend each quarter, with 3 equal payments made in June, September and December and then a final variable dividend paid in March. Barclays also offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

If you wish to join the DRIP then you need to contact the company registrar on 0871 384 2055 in the UK or +44 (0)121 415 7004 from overseas.

You can find historic dividend prices here:

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    July 3, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Barclays Bob Diamond has resigned

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    Marcus Agius is expected to resign today. RBS has also sacked several people in response to the LIBOR scandal. Source:

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