Antofagasta plc

Antofagasta plc is the British arm of the Chilean company Antofagasta which is a copper mining business with investments and interests in transport (railroads) and water distribution. It has been listed on the FTSE100 since 2004. Its 3 main divisions are:

  • Antofagasta Mining
  • Antofagasta Transport
  • Antofagasta Water

Its core area is copper mining and copper by-products. It strives to improve sustainability and takes health and safety very seriously.

It owns 3 copper mines in Chile which produce over half a million tonnes of copper in cathode and concentrate each year. It is expecting to increase copper production to 700,000 tonnes in 2011.

Antofagasta started out as the Antofagasta (Chili) and Bolivia Railway Company plc. It listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1888 to raise funds to build the railway from the Chilean port of Antofagasta to La Paz in Bolivia.

Antofagasta now has interests in banking, telecommunications and manufacturing.

It is one of the most important copper producible in the world, operating 4 major mines in Chile: Los Pelambres, Esperanza, El Tesoro and Michilla.

The Chilean Luksic family (Grupo Luksic) own 65% of Antofagasta after purchasing a majority the shares in 1980. Antonio Andrónico Luksic Abaroa was the head of the Luksic family and was the richest person in Chile until his death in 2005.

Antofagasta Company Information

  • Registered Office
  • 5 Princes Gate
  • London SW7 1QJ
  • Phone: 44-20-7808 0988
  • Fax: 44-20-7808 0986
  • Website:

Antofagasta Company Registrar

  • Computershare Investor Services PLC
  • PO Box 82
  • The Pavilions
  • Bridgwater Road
  • Bristol
  • BS99 7NH
  • Telephone: 44-870 702 0159
  • Fax: 44-870 703 6116
  • Website:
  • Shareholders portal:

Antofagasta Dividend Payments

Antofagasta dividends are declared in US dollars with the option of being paid in USD or GBP. UK shareholders automatically receive GBP dividend payments. Dividends are paid gross.

It pays 2 dividends each year, an interim and final. Antofagasta dividend history is available on their website:

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  1. SHP
    May 24, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Antofagasta had a good day of trading today in response to rising demands in the copper commodities markets.

    Stratex International plc has also agreed to a partnership with Antofagasta to explore Turkey for new copper and gold mining opportunities. Antofagasta is investing US$1 million over the next 16 months into Stratex exploration.

    Finally, today Goldman Sachs announced that commodities are a good buy and the markets responded. All in all a good day for the commodities markets.

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