AstraZeneca Takeover Bid For Cubist Pharmaceuticals?

Before corporate actions are officially announced there are generally rumours circulating on the Internet. When I started out in corporate actions in 1997 such things never existed.

The latest rumour is that the FTSE100 pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca may be considering taking over Cubist Pharmaceuticals, a Massachusetts company.

The deal is related to Cubicin, a medicine which treats the superbug MRSA and some serious skin infections. This antibiotic had sales in the region of $600 last year and some analysts feel that this drug could turn out to be a golden egg.

Cubist won a patent dispute for Cubicin against Israels Teva which strengthens their position.

At the moment Cubist is certainly a very tempting target for a takeover as it has a potentially huge client base with proven sales already.

MedImmune takeover

This would not be the first takeover of a company that specialising in vaccines. In 2007 AstraxZeneca acquired MedImmune at a cost of $15.2 billion to combine with its Cambridge Antibody Technology division.

If AstraZeneca was to successfully acquire Cubist Pharmaceuticals it will control a large share of the global vaccine market.

Today AstraZenaca stock price fell slightly to 3186.86p.

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