The Credit Crunch is Over!

I had some good news come my way this morning. While hearing on the radio about Barclays Bank’s 8% rise in profits, to just short of 3 billion pounds for the year, a letter fell onto the door mat. It was from Barclays Bank, who I have been banking with since 1990, and it was for a Guaranteed Loan of £25,000.

Now, usually I would not even consider such offers, however seeing that I was made redundant only last week from my City job (that I had been loyally doing for 11 years) this lump sum is now very tempting indeed. Of course, I do not have the means to pay it off, as currently I am living off the meagre earnings of a freelance journalist, which barely pays the bills.

However, if Barclays Bank, one of the World’s richest banks, who are making record profits, is offering me £25,000, then they must be confident that the credit crunch is indeed over, and that the job market will spring to life any second, and the city jobs agencies will be clawing at my door to get their hands on my outstanding CV. So maybe I will take up their offer, and buy a new BMW 318d ES.

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