Scottish Power Raise To Gas Bills By 19%

As if households have not felt the squeeze already, Scottish Power have announced that they will be increasing gas bills by 19% and electric bills by 10% this August.

How do they justify such a huge increase? Scottish Power stated that the price increase was a reflection of the continued increase in the cost of buying energy (gas and electric). They have no choice but to raise prices by almost 20%

They have chosen to raise the prices at the height of summer when there is a huge reduction in household gas bills. The real pinch will be felt by the 2.4 million Scottish Power customers when autumn comes.

700,000 Homes Protected By Capped / Fixed Contracts

Not all customers will experience these price rises though as 700,000 households have opted for either a capped or fixed price contract. However, when these contracts expire they may then be force on to the higher tariffs.

8.9% Electricity Rise in November 2010

What is most shocking is that Scottish Power raised electric bills by 8.9% just 7 months ago. This means that by August both gas and electric prices will have increased by 19% in one year.

Scottish Power still claim to offer the cheapest product currently on the market.

Scottish Power are now owned by Iberdola, a Spanish power company.

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