What is the “Public Investors List”?

What is the Public Investors ListIf you have received cold calls from people claiming to be carrying out pension surveys you may have been told that your name is on the “public investors list”. It is always a little worrying to hear that you are on yet another list that is selling your details to cold callers. So, what is this list?

When I got a call my first thought was does it really exist? I Googled “Public Investors List” and failed to find anything comprehensive. If you submit information to some companies you can elect to opt out, eg “Don’t show my name on the public investors list“, but this does not help us to understand what the list is.

My questions to the last cold caller were:

  • Who owns the Public Investors List?
  • How to get my details off the Public Investors List?

So far I have had to conclude that there is in fact no such thing. Cold callers just say this to make it sound official, and make you think “oh, OK, if I am on the list you must be free to call me”……

Have you been told that you are on the Public Investors List?

Or, do you know that the Public Investors List is actually real – do you work for them, or know of an official page on the web about them?

It all smells very fishy right now.

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