Harrods Open Their Christmas Wonderland

It seems that the new owners of Harrods have decided that one way to boost sales this Christmas is to start early. Maybe the Qatari royal family simply mistook our miserable British summer for the onset of winter?

Harrods are not alone though. Selfridges have also set up Christmas displays. It used to be a case that some businesses would start Christmas promotions towards the end of August but this has to be the earliest a major high street brand has started their Christmas campaign.

It seems that Harrods are taking the approach that if British shoppers are not going to be spending bug this winter then why not encourage tourists to spend more. Most of the tourist industry is centred around the summer so visitors to London usually miss all the festive fun. Not any more! Already we have seen scores of Koreans walking through the dazzling Christmas displays, still with their sun glasses on, and admiring the snow and reindeers.

Maybe Christmas will come early to Harrods? Unfortunately for the rest of us, this could set a trend and we may start to see Christmas displays springing up in stores all over the country.

Harrods have said that part of the reason for the very early Christmas is because Ramadan is early this year and many Muslims buy Christmas decorations to decorate their homes.

Not everyone is happy about the way the retail industry has totally hijacked Christmas, but consumers generally vote with their feet and the early votes suggest that they like it!

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